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You have a simple task: Level the city, beam up the humans, warp to orbit, trade for upgrades and invade bigger places!" 


  • Batter the ball into the the buildings below!
  • Slurp up the flailing civilians with your beam or fling them into orbit!
  • Equip an arsenal of super weapons to devastate the skyline!
  • Simple one handed controls to wreak destruction!


Despite it being the fourth game I've released, Break N Take is actually one of my oldest projects, originating from a first year XNA project back in 2010 (Assignment to find 3 ways to adapt Breakout). Since then, I've picked up and dropped the project on 3 separate occasions, first because of my lack of coding skills, second because of a focus on my other app, Narcissus, third because of the game being too large of a project to pick up after Narcissus (Relative to Corporate Salmon). During the 6 week wait for my last app, SHUMP to go live, I picked Break N Take back up and realised it was closer to being finished than I previously thought. 

Probably the two hardest elements of the project to accomplish were (As someone who struggles heavily with colour theory) baking the project down from 30+ colours to just 6. The other has been the control mechanisms, simplifying the interface down to just requiring a single finger press. 


I'm a games developer based out of Cambridge, I've been building games for around 7 years. I learnt how to code teaching kids Stencyl in upstate New York then decided to make my own games.

Along with designing games, I also create weird custom controllers. These are usually made with cardboard, foil, lots of crocodile clips and kitchen sponges. Several have been built into proper installations, for example; boxing puppetsMorse Code switchboards and recently a surgical table with a syringe controller!


Game Design: Alex Johansson

Music Production: Luke Smith

Graphics Design: Katy Marshall

Press materials can be found downloadable below!  


BNT Press Resources.zip 8 MB

Also available on