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Flop to the top of a fishy financial escalator in Corporate Salmon! 

Employees must collect coins, avoid slippery staff, pick up power-ups and jump on profit lines, all while leaping from step to step!

For those who fall off and get fired, they can visit Suit Yourself and grab something a little more stylish to return to work with. 

Can you become the boss of Fall Street?


I've been building games for over 6 years, originally as a designer but learnt to code my own games with visual scripting. 

Along with designing games, I also create weird custom controllers. These are usually made with cardboard, foil, lots of crocodile clips and kitchen sponges. Several have been built into proper installations, for example; boxing puppets, Morse Code switchboards and recently a surgical table with a syringe controller!

Making these controllers can lead to unique ideas that grow into full games. During a workshop in New York, I built the Floptroller, a controller that imitates the flopping motion of a fish out of water. From this design and inspired by Manhattan, I built a mini-game of a fish climbing an escalator and in doing so, Corporate Salmon was born!

With the successful launch of my first App, Narcissus earlier this year, I finally made Corporate Salmon into an App as well. 


Game Design: Alex Johansson

Music Production: Will Bedford

Graphics Design: Katy Marshall


Press Resources.zip 44 MB