A downloadable game


  • Developer Alexander Johansson
  • Release Date July 2020
  • Platforms Browser / iOS / Android TBC
  • Price Free with Ads (With purchasable option to disable ads)


THE BELT is a space shooter in which you must navigate an asteroid field, obliterate the surrounding rocks and collect bombs for points and maximum carnage!


  • Modern remake of classic arcade experience!
  • Minimalist controls that bake inputs down to two buttons!
  • Plough into asteroid fields to clear the path or hold off firing as long as you can!


I used the game over a couple of weeks as a means of learning Unity as a tool, covering stuff such as multi-touch, ad implementation and particle effects. As much as I enjoyed the experience, I really thought the project had commercial potential so  opted instead to rebuild it over a couple of days in the tool I'm most comfortable with, Stencyl (To give it the polish it deserved).


I'm a games developer based out of Cambridge, I've been building games for around 7 years. I learnt how to code teaching kids Stencyl in upstate New York then decided to make my own games.

Along with designing games, I also create weird custom controllers. These are usually made with cardboard, foil, lots of crocodile clips and kitchen sponges. Several have been built into proper installations, for example; boxing puppets, Morse Code switchboards and recently a surgical table with a syringe controller!


Game Design: Alex Johansson

Graphics Design: Katy Marshall

To get a copy of the build, drop me a message on Twitter!